Limit the Length of a Presentation / Lecture

It is highly recommended that you “chunk” your recorded presentation/lecture into one or more segments that are approximately 15 minutes in length, rather than one long presentation that is 45-60+ minutes in length. This is recommended for optimal retention and also to provide a smoother process of uploading, processing, and encoding your presentation to the Kaltura server. It will also make it easier to re-record a section of the presentation should you find you are not satisfied with your voice recording and would like a “do over.”

Avoid Date / Semester References

Remove any verbal or written references to the course section, semester, year, or dates so you will not need to re-record the presentation every semester (unless the content needs updating.) Likewise, refrain from including assignments in the presentation, as you may decide to modify assignments during the current semester – or subsequent semesters – which would:

  • Necessitate recording the presentation(s) or
  • Create a discrepancy between what is shown in the recording presentation and what is found in the course (or syllabus.)

Use Text Transcripts

Consider adding a text transcript to accompany your video. Having a text transcript will ensure that the recording is ADA-compliant by accommodating students with special needs.

Include PPT Titles and Notes

Add a title to each PowerPoint slide to aid Kaltura in indexing the recording. Kaltura creates a content index of PowerPoint slide titles with timestamps to allow students to jump to selected slides in the recording.

Best Practices / Advice

  • PREP!
  • Forget Editing (You’ll spend too much time editing)
  • Focus on your audience
  • Have a good USB microphone
  • Recording quality
    • Recording quality is less important than you might think/Perfection is overrated
    • Learn to love your voice…
    • Headset (keep the mic by your nose)
    • Relax
    • Sip a warm, not hot or cold beverage
  • Title your Slides
  • Short recordings better
    • If you “mess up” just record again
    • Student absorb
    • Remix
  • Anachronism 
    • Leave out course name, date, comments about the weather, etc. so recordings can be reused for many purposes
  • Express some emotion/passion
  • Smile while you record (it works)