You are experts in the field of Communication, Media, or Information, with strong backgrounds in research, practice, and teaching. The focus of this website is to help you explore and discover new ways to share your expertise and deliver the most effective course.

You may be creating unique material or curating resources created by others to teach; your course may be lecture-oriented, case-based, or hands-on; it can be online, face-to-face or hybrid. No matter what type of content or format you use, it is important to continuously develop and revise teaching strategies to achieve your educational goals. Remember, best practices in teaching rely on the same principles across all formats!

Are you a new or a returning part-time instructor?
  • Please remember that you must complete your paperwork before you can access your course in Canvas.

  • Familiarize yourself with technical assistance, workshops, and training opportunities.

  • Familiarize yourself with the learning space for your course (includes Canvas, for online and hybrid classes): All SC&I classrooms are equipped with a podium with a computer, monitor, Internet access, an overhead projector, so instructors do not need to bring their laptops to the classroom. If you bring your laptop, you may need to obtain/purchase your own video adapter to connect to the podium.

  • Review & update the syllabus before sending it to Program Director.¬†